viernes, 7 de octubre de 2011


The Cat in the hat rhyme

How do we know
a bird’s a bird?
Do we ask it politely
and take the bird’s word?

Do we know it’s a bird
when it crosses the sky?
That’s sounds pretty good
but some birds don’t fly.

Do only birds sing?
Is that how we tell?
But whales are not birds,
and they sing songs as well.

Ahhh, says the cat,
I’m still ever so clever;
for I know an answer
that will last forever

What makes it a bird
(let’s say it together)
lies under my hat.
Yes, you’re right, it’s a feather!

All birds have feathers,
big ones and tiny.
Some feel so soft,
and some quite spiney

They help the bird fly,
keep it warm as can be.
And some make the birds
look as handsome as me.

The mystery is solved
by the cat in the hat.
All birds have feathers;
and that’s simply that.

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